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Megaphone Speaker| 25W Bullhorn Clear & Far Reaching Sound- Multi-Function with REC, Siren, Volume Control |AUX, USB, SD Input| Handheld Mic with ergonomic Grip| for Indoor & Outdoor Use- 66SF

Megaphone Speaker| 25W Bullhorn Clear & Far Reaching Sound- Multi-Function with REC, Siren, Volume Control |AUX, USB, SD Input| Handheld Mic with ergonomic Grip| for Indoor & Outdoor Use- 66SF

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About Item

  1. Voice mode: The megaphone speaker has two audio modes. The first one is voice mode. This mode amplifies your voice or sound spoken into the megaphone microphone and is commonly used for cheerleading and other outdoor activities.

  2. Siren mode: The siren alter mode is the second option. This allows the bull horn loud speaker to emit an emergency alarm sound with just one button press and can be utilized by both police and civilians.

  3. Voice recording: Recording and playback options to get noticed when necessary. The record and replay audio feature stores your voice command, ensuring repeated delivery of your message.

  4. Great for events: Suitable for various uses, our bull horns mega phone speakers are ideal for sports events, lifeguards, event planners, law enforcement, recuse missions, and more. The megafono speaker can attract attention in various settings, including school assemblies, boats, fairs, rallies, etc.

  5. 25-watt battery: The portable megaphone speaker has a maximum power output of 25 watts. It runs on (8) C batteries and features an ergonomic grip and compact, lightweight frame.

    Product Description

    The 66SF megaphone speaker offers portable, high-powered audio projection! Each iteration of the megafono bull horns has improved battery life, audio quality, and ergonomic design. Control crowds from up to 1000 yards with its handheld wireless performance.

    The megaphone speaker features a button-activated siren, recording, and a flexible wired microphone for easy voice projection. Powered by (8) rechargeable C batteries(not included), it's a battery-operated solution for portable PA speaker control. Get it with the megaphone speaker.


    Portable megaphone speaker

    High-powered PA sound projection

    Siren Alert Mode


    Compact and lightweight at 1.3 kg, this megaphone speaker is perfect for kids. Ideal for cheerleading and sports activities, it lets kids unleash their leadership potential.

    With a max power output of 25 watts and audio projection up to 1000 yards, this megaphone speaker ensures everyone hears your voice.

    A button-activated siren alarm is included for emergencies, making this an ideal tool for drawing attention or quickly calling for help.

    This bullhorn megaphone speaker, with a detachable mic input with siren and recording options, can be used indoors and outdoors by police, firefighters, cheerleader, trainers, movie directors, and more.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Size Diameter of 230mmx350mm
    • Material Fresh ABS
    • Dry Cell 8?1.5V (size C)
    • Power 25-watt
    • Microphone Unidirectional
    • Input Dedicated Microphone with
    • Volume control & PTT Switch
    • Weight 1.30 Kg
    Runs on Eight C-size 1.5V batteries

    Package includes:

    1x Megaphone


    Megaphone 66SF is well suited for cheerleading for leading chants and rallies.

    Movie directors can use the megaphone speaker to communicate with the cast and crew.

    Well suited for neighborhood and community events for making announcements & attracting attention.

    Beach lifeguards for emergencies and passing out important announcements.

    Search and rescue missions for communication among team members.

    Benefits of products

    66SF mega phone speaker lets you project clear and powerful audio from a distance.

    Portable design with versatile use for various settings and events.

    Easy to operate with multiple functions such as talk, siren, and recording.

    The emergency siren features in the megaphone speaker for added safety.

    Cost-effective alternative to larger PA systems.

    Benefits of over other products

    The sturdy velcro strap allows for easy portability by slinging over the wrist or shoulder.

    A simplified control panel that let the users access the features easily.

    Record your message with a microphone and avoid repetitive speaking.

    Battery-operated PA system with wired handheld microphone and a siren alarm.

    The portability and lightweight make the megaphone speaker well-suited to be used by everyone.


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    Question: How long does the battery last?

    Answer: The battery of the bull horn loud speaker depends on your specific usage. This model can last several hours, but it can vary depending on how often the speaker is used and at what volume.

    Question: Can the speaker be used in the rain?

    Answer: The megaphone speaker is made of durable material, which means it can withstand exposure to rain and other elements.

    Question: How far can the sound be projected?

    Answer: This mega phone speaker can project sound up to 1000 yards.

    Question: Can the speaker be used as a PA system?

    Answer: The microphone attached to the megafono makes it well-suited to use as a public address system.

    Question: Is the megaphone speaker easy to operate?

    Answer: The megaphone speaker is designed to be user-friendly with simple controls.

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