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10 Watt Professional Megaphone Clear & Far Reaching Sound- Multi-Function with Siren, Volume Control | Detachable Handheld Mic | for Indoor & Outdoor Sports, Emergency Response - 20 F

10 Watt Professional Megaphone Clear & Far Reaching Sound- Multi-Function with Siren, Volume Control | Detachable Handheld Mic | for Indoor & Outdoor Sports, Emergency Response - 20 F

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About Item

  1. LOUD AND POWERFUL: 's impressive megaphone bullhorn delivers 10 watts of sound that effortlessly reaches up to 200 meters. Do not strain your voice to address the crowd. With 's powerful bullhorn, you can effortlessly address any crowd.

  2. MULTIPURPOSE BULLHORN SPEAKER: Our versatile bullhorn speaker is a must-have for various people on different occasions. Whether you're a cheerleader, teacher, director, lifeguard, event organizer, law enforcement officer, firefighter, or part of a rescue team, this megaphone is perfect for you.

  3. HIGH-POWERED PA SOUND: The high-powered PA sound system can project clear audio for distances of 200+ yards. Additionally, you can adjust the volume according to different noise levels in your surroundings.

  4. BUILT-IN SOUNDS: Equipped with built-in sound, this bullhorn allows you to effectively grab the attention of the crowd by blasting a powerful siren. This feature ensures everyone is alert and responsive with just a push of a button.

  5. EASY TO USE: Simplicity meets functionality with our user-friendly design. Inserting 4 'D' batteries (not included) is as easy as popping open the base of the device, and adjusting the volume is a breeze with the convenient slider.

Product Description

Introducing 's powerful megaphone bullhorn! With an impressive 10 watts of sound, it can reach up to 200 meters, ensuring your voice is heard loud and clear. Perfect for cheerleaders, teachers, directors, lifeguards, event organizers, and more. The high-powered PA sound delivers clear audio up to 200+ yards, and you can easily adjust the volume for different situations.

The megaphone features a built-in siren to grab attention. Simple to use, just insert 4 'D' batteries, adjust the volume with the slider, and use the labeled buttons for on/off, siren and volume adjust settings.

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Small Size, Colossal Sound

User-Friendly Design

Convenient Carrying Strap

Energy Efficient

Experience colossal sound in a compact package! This powerful megaphone packs 10W of power, reaching over 200+ yards.

Our user-friendly design ensures easy management of your crowd with a simple & accessible control panel.

The convenient carrying strap features a durable build quality. Sling it over the wrist or shoulder, and you're ready to go.

This megaphone is designed to be energy efficient, preserving battery power during extended use.

Megaphone Technical Specification:

  • Color- White
  • Power- 10 Watt
  • Source- Battery
  • Siren Mode- Yes
  • Reach- 200 Meters
  • Volume Control- Yes

Package information:

  • 1x Megaphone Speaker


Direct crowd in an emergency to a safe place.

Enhance public speaking engagements or presentations.

Amplify your voice during cheerleading or other sports events.

Use during political rallies or campaigns to address large crowds.

Make announcements & manage crowds at school assemblies or outdoor gatherings.

Benefits of products

Boosts engagement & participation.

Helps to prevent strain on your voice.

Enables efficient crowd management.

Simple and user-friendly control panel.

Provides a reliable means of communication.

Benefits of over other products

Alert features to attract people fast.

Covers a wide range, up to 200+ yards.

Portable and easy to carry thanks to the convenient strap.

The powerful sound projection for effective communication.

Versatile tool is suitable for cheerleading, teaching, directing & more.


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Question: Can I use the megaphone indoors?

Answer: Absolutely! This megaphone bullhorn is designed for use in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Question: How far can the megaphone's sound reach?

Answer: The megaphone can project sound up to 200+ yards, ensuring your message reaches a large audience.

Question: What type of batteries does the megaphone require?

Answer: The megaphone runs on 4'D' batteries, providing long-lasting power for extended use.

Question: Can I adjust the volume of the megaphone?

Answer: Yes, the megaphone has an adjustable volume control, allowing you to adapt the sound level to different situations.

Question: Is the megaphone speaker suitable for professional use?

Answer: Yes, the megaphone is designed to meet the needs of professionals such as cheerleaders, teachers, event organizers, and law enforcement officers.

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