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Kcubeinc 500W Space heater, Wall Outlet Electric Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat and Timer and Led Display, Compact, Plug In Heater for Office and home PIH

Kcubeinc 500W Space heater, Wall Outlet Electric Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat and Timer and Led Display, Compact, Plug In Heater for Office and home PIH

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About Item

  1. Wall Outlet Space Heater with Remote:The wall outlet portable space heater provides a convenient and versatile heating solution. You can adjust the temperature from 60 degrees F to 90 degrees F to your desired level by using a remote control or manual adjustment. The plug-in heater has a built-in thermostat that automatically turns it on and off to maintain your set temperature.
  2. Low-wattage space heater:This 500-watt, 120-volt, 3.18 amps, 60Hz space heater is a cost-effective option for those living in mild climates. It features a convenient 180-degree rotating plug with three prongs and a button for adjusting the rotating angle. The low wattage of the portable heater ensures that it won't overload the circuit, making it a practical choice.
  3. Digital Thermostat:Our digital thermostat space heater is designed to provide accurate temperature readings. The LED screen displays the actual temperature, which can be adjusted from 60 degrees F to 90 degrees F. This portable heater with a remote has a fast heating function, allowing you to set the temperature to your desired level within seconds. Use it as a space heater for indoor use, heater for indoor use, electric heater for indoor use, outdoor heater for bedrooms, and more.
  4. Portable:The compact size of the plug-in heater(4.34??2.96??7.09 inches) makes it easy to carry and use in any location without the hassle of wires. The ETL-listed space heater can be mounted directly on the wall outlet and doesn ??t take up floor space or pose a tripping hazard. Its modern design blends well with any room decor and won ??t be an eyesore like a traditional space heater.
  5. Overheat Protection:Our portable plug-in heaters are made of flame-resistant materials, ensuring they are safe to use. They also have an overheat protection feature that will automatically shut off the heater if it becomes overheated. With this extra layer of safety, you can feel confident using the space heater in your home.

Product Description

The Kcubeinc portable plug in heater is a versatile and convenient heating solution for your home. With the ability to adjust the temperature from 60 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, you can set it to your desired level using the remote control or manual adjustment. The built-in thermostat will automatically turn the heater on and off to maintain your set temperature.

The 500-watt space heater is efficient, versatile, and won ??t overload the circuit. The compact size and modern design make it easy to carry and use in any room. The portable heater is also made of flame-resistant material and has overheating protection, ensuring your safety while in use. Get comfortable and warm with the plug in heater.


Temperature Display

180?? Rotating Plug

Tip-over Protection

Metal Grid Design

The Kcubeinc heater features a temperature display, allowing you to monitor the indoor temperature easily.

The plug-in heater is equipped with a convenient 180-degree rotating plug with three prongs. You can adjust the plug's angle by pressing the button under it.

The electric heater has an overheat protection feature that instantly switches it off in high-temperature conditions, ensuring your safety.

The electric plug-in heater has a metal grid design that is high-temperature resistant and allows for faster heat dissipation. This design is functional and stylish, making it a great addition to your home.


Material: Plastic

Input: 110-120V AC 60Hz 500W

Temperature range: 60F 90F (Panel display Fahrenheit)

Dimension: 4.342.967.09

Amperage is 3.18

Package includes the following:


1X Remote


Provide extra warmth to chilly places.

Use the portable heater as a personal heating solution.

Stay comfortable while working and boost productivity.

Use it as an outdoor heater to warm up patios, decks, and porches.

The plug in heater can warm up your bedroom before your slumber.

Benefits of products

It can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

Simply plug in and start enjoying the warmth.

It can be easily moved around to the desired location.

The electric heater uses less energy than traditional heaters.

The space heater only takes up a little floor space and can be mounted in the outlet.

Benefits of Kcubeinc over other products

Transform Cold & Chilly spaces into Cozy & Warm living spaces.

The portable heater can be programmed to fit your level of comfort.

Made from durable and high-quality materials, ensuring a long lifespan.

Integrated safety measures. Built with you and your family's safety in mind.

Thanks to energy efficiency, there is no need to worry about high utility bills in winter.

Why Kcubeinc

Kcubeinc has been known for producing high-quality, premium products since 1984.

We are committed to using only the best materials and components to ensure the longevity of our products.

The best deals compared to other brands in the market without compromising on quality.

Thetrustworthychoice for thousands of customers scattered worldwide in more than 65 countries.

Backed by a proven track record of happy customers and peace of mind.



Kcubeinc Product

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LED Display



Remote Control



Overheat protection



About Brand

Kcubeinc, headquartered in California, warehouse in Bellefontaine, OH, USA, has a reputation for being a trusted and reliable brand, offering products designed to meet the highest industry standards. Our products are thoroughly tested and inspected before they are sent to the end user, ensuring that the customers receive products of the highest quality and reliability. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, Kcubeinc is a brand people can trust for all their needs and wants.


Question:Is this portable heater safe to use?

Answer:Yes, there are inbuilt safety features that can prevent accidents.

Question:What wattage does it take?

Answer:It takes 500 watts.

Question:Can I use it in the bedroom?

Answer:Yes, you can use it in the bedroom.

Question:Do I need any power cable to use it?

Answer:No, if you have a free outlet, just plug it in, and it will start generating heat.

Question:Can I use it in the meeting room?

Answer:Yes, you can. It is a very silent system.

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